Ordinance Amending the Unified Development Ordinance


Notice is hereby given that on December 20, 2021, the Town Council of the Town of Ingalls, Indiana (“Town”) adopted Ordinance #122021A titled, “Ordinance Amending the Unified Development Ordinance of the Town of Ingalls, Indiana” (“Ordinance”). The Ordinance applies to and affects all areas within the municipal jurisdiction of the Town. The Ordinance amends the following sections of the Town’s Unified Development Ordinance (“UDO”): Article 1:General Provisions (Section 1.11 Variances, Exceptions, and Waiver of Conditions); Article 2:Processes, Permits, and Fees (Section 2.12 Site Plan Review) and (Section 2.27 Temporary Use Permit); Article 6:Design and Development Standards (Section 6.13 Right of Ways); and Article 10:Nonconforming Lots, Uses, Buildings, Structures, Signs, or Driveways. __________________________________________________________________ VIEW ORDINANCE #122021A

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