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Ingalls Snow & Ice Control Policy

The Street Department of Ingalls has the responsibility of providing snow and ice control for 18 road miles throughout Town limits, Town Hall, and the Fire Department.

Snow and ice control is considered emergency work in that pavement must be cleared any time of the day or night. Because of the potential hazard to the motoring public, and the amount of time and money spent on this program, careful planning and preparation must be done prior to the snow and ice season. This planning process is made considerably more difficult due to the variable conditions encountered during each storm. Such things as the rate and accumulation of snowfall, moisture content, temperature, time of day or night, wind direction and velocity, and duration are all factors that interact to create a unique aspect for each storm with the result that no two towns are ever identical. The Street Department has developed a priority list to be followed during a storm with the overall efforts for snow removal based on the following priority list:

#1 Treatment of thoroughfare county roads

#2 Town Hall and Fire Department

#3 Remaining county roads

#4 All subdivisions and residential neighborhoods

#5 Cul-de-sacs and alleyways

Read the full policy by clicking the link below.

Ingalls Snow Policy 2022
Download PDF • 533KB

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