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South Madison's Registration is Now Open for Kindergarten & First Grade Enrollment

KINDERGARTEN: South Madison offers a full-day Kindergarten that meets 5 days per week. No tuition. Only textbook fees. Parents are encouraged to register their child for kindergarten if he/she will be 5 years old by August 1 of the school year.

The kindergarten provides a variety of learning experiences that develop students academically, socially, and civically. A successful kindergarten experience includes a range of factors:

  • language skills, including oral, reading, and writing

  • mathematics skills, including number sense, computation, and use of models and tools

  • general knowledge of the world, including being part of a functioning community, sense of time, symbols of the nation, and physical environment

  • process skills such as patience, perseverance, precision, and problem-solving

  • the 4 Cs: communication, collaboration, creative thinking, and critical thinking

  • social and emotional well-being, including self-confidence, empathy, positive self-regulation, and a growth mindset

  • physical health and sensory-motor skills

Each child is unique and our goal is to support each child's growth. Teachers and administrators embrace the diversity of each child and focus on the development of the whole child. VISIT THE WEBSITE TO LEARN MORE

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