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308 N Meridian St

Ingalls, IN 46048

Mailing Address:

PO Box 277

Ingalls, IN 46048

Phone: 317-485-4321

Fax: 317-485-5293

Please download the above forms to your computer. Either print out and fill by hand, or auto fill the document in your computer's browser.  Completed forms may be submitted through regular mail or email to: watercompany@


The Town of Ingalls contracts with Aqua Indiana to maintain safe and reliable operations of the drinking water system. Aqua Indiana operates and maintains the water plant, water mains and hydrants.


Aqua Indiana provides drinking water and wastewater services to over 83,000 residents in 14 counties across the state.

  • How can I pay my water bill?
    You can pay your bill online by clicking here: Pay Online, call us at 317-485-4321 with your Visa/MasterCard information, visit the office in person from 9-4 p.m., or drop your payment (cash, check, or MO) in our night box.
  • How long does it take for the water company to receive payment from an online bank check?
    7-14 days
  • When is my water bill due?
    On or before the 10th of each month.
  • Why am I on disconnect?
    You have to be 2 months in arrears to be on disconnect. Your current bill is due the 10th. If you are 2 months past due after the 10th, you are scheduled for disconnect on the 16th.
  • What is the water disconnection date?
    16th or, if the 16th falls on weekend or holiday, disconnect is the next business day
  • How do I cancel my water service?
    In order for us to finalize your service, please call our office at 317-485-4321 so we can confirm the following information: - your name and service address - the final/closing date - if you rented or sold the location - your forwarding address
  • I am moving into a home. What is required for water service?
    We require three documents for water service set-up: - your completed water application (click here to download if inside Town limits or here if outside Town limits) - copy of your driver’s license or ID card - $100 meter deposit (can be paid with cash, MO, or Visa/MasterCard) You can bring these documents to our office from 9-4 p.m. Monday-Friday. Or, you can email your application and a copy of your driver’s license to and call us at 317-485-4321 to pay the $100 deposit with your Visa/MasterCard.
Water forms

Water Forms, Reports, and Permits


2022 Drinking Water Annual Report

2021 Drinking Water Annual Report

2020 Drinking Water Annual Report


Application for Commercial/Multi-Residential Water Service

Town of Ingalls Water Standards

Water Utility Meeting Minutes

Water Meeting Minutes

Water Utility Meeting Minutes

December 21, 2020

Water Utility Meeting Minutes

November 23, 2020

Water Utility Meeting Minutes

November 9, 2020

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